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Umar Khattak


Then and Now of a Hemophilic

While living with Hemophilia-A severe is a full time contest and this was become more case-harden when someone like me lives in a remote and under-develop area of North West Pakistan. I opened my eyes when conditions were not favorable, means, no treatment availability for cure and unknowingness about Hemophilia. My mental growth and progress rendered during my childhood period. Life was almost a burden.

When I and my family came to know about this mysterious disorder, then I was kept restrict from certain activities like that of traditional sports in my Village. I was bitterly treated in my school as having the most absent student from school. This put further pressure on me. But the most tragic was the death of my father who was the lone supporter of our family. Also I was the eldest among the sibling. Now rescheduling life as a responsible person to treat myself and family was got more difficult.

The year 2015 was a game changer for me when for the first time I participated in a World Hemophilia Day event arranged by Hemophilia Patients Welfare Society – Peshawar Chapter. There I met with people who all have suffered with Hemophilia in one or other way. I took a breath of satisfaction when I heard almost same stories and like mindedness. I decided to shift to Peshawar city because of the availability of good quality treatment from Hemophilia Foundation – Pakistan [HFP] & World Federation of Hemophilia [WFH]. It brought more comfort when I was selected as Executive Board Member of Peshawar Chapter. I took upon the responsibility as a volunteer and sooner I used to take part in different local and national activities. Looking to my hard work and thirst to discover Hemophilia more, I was nominated as member of National Executive Council of HFP through voting. This brought more courage and enthusiasm that I can proceed in a much better way.

To diagnose and treat Hemophilia or related bleeding disorders, the management from government sector is too much necessary. The government should loop persons with hemophilia, their family and medical experts so that there may be easiness for patients. Early education & parents guidance is vital in developmental stages. Volunteerism is the best role player where besides oneself, others may be benefited. Also communities like that of Hemophilia has exceptional role to develop a skillful life.

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