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A Journey of Life
Its not about Perfect. Its about effort and when you bring that effort every single day, that’s where transformation happens. That’s how change occurs.
I am Tahreem Habib currently doing BS Biochemistry from Quaid e Azam University Islamabad. I am patient of Bernard Soulier Syndrome; a hematologic disease related to impairment of platelets leading to formation of dysfunctional platelets.I am the elder and first child of family. I was diagnosed with this disease when I was 3 years old. As a rare bleeding disorder and no family history of any of the bleeding disorder my parents were not familiar about the underline cause when they experienced my nose bleeding, bruises. Having child with bleeding disorder made my parents more observant and careful.
When my parents first experienced my nose bleed and bruises they took me to PIMS Hospital which referred me to AFIP for tests which were not available there at that time. After diagnosis, I sought medication from PIMS hospital whenever I experienced any issue. Neither me nor my parents have nay idea abut organizations working for patients with bleeding disorders until we met Dr. Tahira Zafar as hematologist in the same hospital and I got registered in society that work for patients with bleeding disorders.
As a child with bleeding impairment I had to face a lot of problems in school and daily life. I had to be more careful whenever I did something so that I don’t get a wound or cut. I spent days and nights with my gums bleeding and treating myself to stop bleeding. I still remember when I lost my first baby tooth and had been bleeding for hours. These times were hardest when it happened in school or any other place. Everyone looked at you as in a way that its all your mistake. But still in all these circumstances I was an outstanding student of my class. I always stood first in my class with involvement in extra curricular activities. I secured more than 80% marks in my matric and intermediate with a clear distinction in my class. I am always grateful for my parents and my teachers for being a great support in my entire academic life.
“Life is not bed of roses” is the term which we used to hear and I realized this when I became severely ill in my fourth semester of graduation. My hemoglobin level dropped to 4 and I wasn’t able to do anything. That phase of my life was the most terrifying as I experienced death closely. It left a long lasting impression on my mind because I can’t got over that incidence. But I didn’t lose hope and moved forward. I continued motivated myself and my parents made efforts to keep my morale high at each step whenever I feel down. Now I am in my last semester of graduation and have high aims. I am also involved in many extra curricular activities, take part in different competitions and also part of different organizations .
I have high ambitions for my future and will try to do more for my country and patients with bleeding disorders. I want to make my parents proud and happy as my success is just because of them. I hope I will achieve my goals in near future.

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