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Syed Shabiatan


Transformation after 20 years as a Hemophilic.

The year 2003 was the vintage year in my life when after the grueling 20 years I was diagnosed with severe Hemophilia-A. This was the time when I had fully apprehended the dismal consequences of Hemophilia. It had suffered me from multiple joint distortion at fore and hind limbs. But apart from these difficulties, there was a ray of hope for me in the form of two decades delayed diagnosis. It made me strong enough psychologically when heard about the treatment.
Since 2003 to 2007, I used to transfuse Fresh Frozen Plasma [FFP] from a local hospital. My uncommon blood group O with Rh-ive was perturbing and for most of the times, I was rummaging in the campus. A great breakthrough occurred in the late 2007 when I for the first time infused clothing factor concentrates [CFCs] after getting registration in PHPWS-Islamabad. Although I travelled more than 500 km per trip for a single infusion. This exhausting journey opened more doors of opportunities to do something for people like myself. The notion of Hemophilia Patients Welfare Society [HPWS] – Peshawar Chapter was realized and it met with practicality followed by years of hardworking.
The search to find out a remedy for hemophilia enabled me to get wind of many expedition. The transformation from a habitual absent student to a research scholar and to an officer rank government teacher strengthened me to serve nation builders. The metamorphosis from a helpless child to a Founder/President of HPWS-Peshawar Chapter and to Treasurer Hemophilia Foundation-Pakistan [HFP] empowered me to serve the bleeding disorders Community and the times when there was no treatment to FFPs and to CFCs thrilled me that accomplishment has no boundary.
Once treatment availability become sure for a hemophilic then he can manage his life in a variety of ways. Best choice of treatment facilities add more fuel to the activities of such person. Life produces more meanings when it is spending to serve other members in the community. Good treatment provides a best balance in life.

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