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Initially I used to think growing up with Hemophilia is very difficult. I thought i wont be able to be like normal person. I wont get a chance to roam, I wont be able to mingle with various people, I cant go on treks, because my childhood wasn’t normal. I overcome lot challenges since birth. I’m born in middle class family, facing heavy financial difficulty, upon that this hemophilia added more challenges not just to me but to my parents and my siblings. I wasn’t having friends till my degree. The very crucial time for me was continuing my studies during childhood because of finance and health. But however we used to manage, But very bad impact on my life was loosing my world when i was at 8th standard, I lost my mom.I was blanked out , didn’t know what to do, But i never left my life to go down, I never gave up. I continued study. I received lot of scholarships from Save One Life and many donors, whom I can never forget till my death. But again my life wanted to test me when I was in first year degree, it took even my dad from me. I did not know what to do. I lost my two pillars of life. I started becoming angry on my self and used to think, How cursed I’m. But i never gave up.
I started to live with my grandparents and continue education. And Now ! I’m pursuing my Final Level of Chartered Accountancy course. I want to prove to my life that it can never put me down.
Since I started receiving factors when I’m in need from my degree first year, my health condition is lot better. I’m able to travel and do my studies. I’m able to do physiotherapy, go on trips with friends. I’m very thankful to SOL, Manipal Hemophlia Chapter and Kannur Hemophilia Chapter and the government for providing me Factors.
Since degree I started particpating in Hemophlia related activities,annual meets, camps etc. Now I’m happy that I’m the youth leader of Manipal Hemophilia chapter and i could conduct workshops and I’m able to participate in HFI’s activities.
I just want to say one thing to all my blood brothers that, never stop your education just because of hemophilia and never give up.
Now I’m not worried because of hemophilia, I’m sure that i will succeed in life.

Thank You 🙂

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