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Parimal Chandra Debnath


I am a severe hemophiliac with factor-VIII deficiency. I am from a remote island district of Bangladesh. I passed my early life without any treatment but to use ice available in fishing village near our village home. Yes I had a very critical life during my school life still I was able to complete my school education with good grades and able to get admission into Dhaka University, which actually changed my life’s goals. Then I got to be able to get in touch with WFH and Mr. Ashok Verma, the founder of HFI. He guided me to establish Hemophilia Society of Bangladesh.

And I have been working with HSB for last 28 years. It’s my pleasure to be a part of great transformation of HSB to new dimensions and the changing approach of government towards hemophiliacs is a great achievement of my life. We are now getting some factor support from government.

I am an avid solo traveler and enjoy my vacation days around the country, sometimes outside country. My physical disability cannot stop me to go around and enjoy my life. Yes I am fond of adventure traveling, whatever my body permits. I love my life, I love hemophilia, it infact strengthen my life.

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