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Nonhlanhla Sokhela

South Africa

I’m Nonhlanhla Sokhela 31 years of age from South Africa.i was diagnosed with Heamophilia A with Factor VIII deficiency in 2020 when i had my 3rd child.All along i never knew about the disease and never knew I had it.
I’ve had to take very expensive medications some which my medical aid refused to pay for but with the motivation from doctor they eventually agreed to treat my condition.But even then my factor book levels were very low.
Until my doctor put me on Endoxan with Prednisone daily then my levels went up to such great levels.Right now I’ve stopped taking medication for a month and then I’ll go back to take bloods to see if the boost on my levels is still there without the medication.In crossing my fingers.But either way im thankful for such a great community where we can share pur experiences with people who understand what you are going through.This is a beginning of new journey.

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