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Mouden mohamed


Yes, my story is no difference between it and most of the stories of hemophilia patients at the beginning of my life and at the age of eight months, my mother discovered that I had hemophilia through blue spots on my body as well as bruises. Examination, diagnosis, and providing treatment for me was like a horror movie for my parents, as they knew the disease from before I was born and my son was dedicated to my safety. In my childhood there was a kind of follow-up and control in terms of what games and sports were allowed and not allowed. I was wondering at the beginning of my life why my mother not Do you promise to run and play with the rest of the kids? When I joined a school, it was normal for me, but for my family, it was stressful and tiring (knowing that I have siblings who are sick with the same disease). The aim of this is to make my identity known to all my colleagues, as well as the staff and school workers. I was very happy because everyone knew me and very sad because I could not play with my colleagues. The teacher did not leave me for fear and for my safety. I was very upset. I entered the department first and came out last. And the teacher held my hand until she handed me over to my mother or older sister in order to take me home in the evening at the end of work. I would secretly go outside to meet with my friends to play football, but they would not leave me or invite me because my mother and father had betrayed them from my playing football The foot is the reason that it causes me harm, so I begged them to play just a little bit, so they let me play and pass the ball to me and let me dribble and run without anyone in the way, then we think about football to play hide and seek and several traditional games and in the evening when I come home, my mother tells me no One day you will bleed and you will scold me and keep me at home so that I can go back to my lessons, and then the joint pain starts, especially the knees and ankles. I go to my mother and tell her that I am not okay, so she reprimands me and takes me to the hospital every time … a medical examination, a diagnosis, I take a dose of Factor 8 and go home And my parents are loaded with medicines and I have a needle implanted in my elbows… Relax and then resume playing electronic games and dominoes and read books and review the lessons that I missed under the supervision of my little teacher (my older sister) and my father. Especially at night and I was encouraging myself that nothing would happen to me and I would not repeat mistakes and I would study hard in order to excel and be the happiest of those who worked for me…. Mom and Dad always tell me that you are the reason for what happens to you and that you are a child you put yourself in trouble and Problems because you are not convinced that you are not like other children, my father talks and says that if you do this again, you will not go for a picnic, and I will not buy you what you want, and I will punish without hitting you, I will deprive you of all the things you want, so ask their forgiveness and I will not repeat this and I will I obey them and take care of myself knowing my mother is a nurse and she was always keen on my safety at home At school and outside, she alerts my friends and advises them about my safety. At home, my brothers gather and tell them to be careful of his safety in my absence, me and your father. Do not let him leave the house. Do not create problems with him. If he insists on leaving, call me or your father… .. Such are the sacrifices that parents make for the sake of their children …. I was a son who caused trouble and my daughter used to advise me and teach me the meaning of hemophilia patients and its types and what are its symptoms and dangers, and she encouraged me to practice swimming until I became proficient in it … She taught me how to inject Myself used to give me health education lessons, and my father used to take me daily to school in the morning and come back in the evening to take their advice. I realized it at the age of fifteen when I entered high school. Today, I am a young man, enjoying good health, and following my preventive treatment, thank God, knowing that my knee joints are very affected. Because of inflammation, but thank God I can move and help others, knowing that I am an association founder in my state and a contributor to providing a helping hand to hemophilia patients. Thank you

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