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I am K. Aravind Nikhil, Severe Hemophilia A with Inhibitors from Visakhapatnam Chapter, India. I believe that though the entire world had changed its living pattern like living with loneliness due to COVID-19, our Hemophilia Community has not changed to loneliness, but shown its togetherness more strongly. Though we are following COVID rules and lockdown, we are committed to serve and save our Hemophiliacs by providing “TREATMENT FOR ALL”. I’m sharing my personal experience.

During this COVID-19 Pandemic and Lock Down situations also, the Hemophilia didn’t shower any sympathy on me and haunted me with Severe and Regular Bleeds. I had Self-Infused continuously and also infused the Missing Clotting Factors to my co-patients in our house. Though there is a severe threat of spreading of COVID-19 virus from person to person, I couldn’t remain calm when my co-patients from different places are suffering from bleeds and pain. My father had invited them to our house and taken all precautionary methods except physical distance. By God’s grace, our family didn’t get effect by COVID-19 though we had close contact with my co-patients while doing infusions. Both COVID-19 and Hemophilia are dreadful. COVID-19 is short time problem, but Hemophilia is life long problem. I hope that 2021 may be a “Ray of Hope” in the lives of Hemophiliacs. Thanks to World Federation of Hemophilia and Hemophilia Federation of India, for their support and help.

In this way I’ve adapted to change and helped the Co-Hemophiliacs during the typical COVID time and I thought it was my responsibility to help them and I’ve grabbed the situation with my both hands. I hope my story will help and motivate my Co-Hemophiliacs as well.

Thank You.

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