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Juliana Howard


Juliana Howard Story (Mama Michael) – Ghana
Decades passed by , my son and I had to endure the nitty-gritty of the haemophilia disease.Inspite of the bleeds and pain he endured,I equally went through emotional trauma, financial difficulties,stress and above all the fear of the unknown always stared at me.l needed to devote my all and concentrate on him.Doing so wasn’t an easy task.I had to quit my job and stick to my God given talent,a beautician which also couldn’t stand the test of time due to his consistent crisis .
Many were the times I had to go in and out of the hospital,nurses at certain points jokingly would ask whether I didn’t like my place of abode,because not a single week passed without my son not being admitted at the hospital.My most saddest and painful moments were times when some nurses scolded and rebuked me for no cause instead of showing empathy .
l most of the time had to go through the agony to donate blood for him since he even rejected and reacted to the same blood group with the exception of mine.It became a worry to me, should the inevitable happen , what would be his fate?
But through it all,there was a compassionate God who gave me strength, courage, wisdom and a shoulder to cry on in my time of desperation and need.
And all victory belongs to Him.

To WFH, much appreciation goes to you for donating factors and training health professionals in developing and under developed countries.
We are most grateful and pray with this know how, No patient and parent will suffer my plight.

My special gratitude goes to my President of Ghana Haemophilia society for giving me the privilege to air and share my ordeals and experiences to others. I say bravo and more power to your elbow.
I can now tell my story. During this covid times, knowing the circumstances we are in, Michael(hemophiac son) and I have been mindful and cautious so as to avoid any unforseen conditions. I can boldly say the Lord has shown us a lot of mercy and can now share this story with out tear drops but with a heart of gratitude.

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