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Hina Fatima


Hello Everyone, my name is Hina Fatima, student of MSC microbiology. So yes! I m suffering from hemophilia (vwd) Factor 8 deficiency. My diagnosis was on when I am only 5 years old and the cause is the Nose bleeding or bruising on my body every time even due to the hard touch. In start at that time I remember the nose bleeding is very much irritating thing for me its is very difficult to stay on bed all time and specially the smell of blood is just like every where I can’t eat food just because of this smell. My parents take care of myself every time, but every time care I don’t like at all because I not mature enough to understand the situation, so due to care these accident in which nose bleed or bruising happened are limited but even I reached on grade 10 before my exam I experience for the very first time menstrual bleeding, and that bleeding is not normal nor like that I listened from other girls after 2 day I am in hospital emergency and my hemoglobin level is on 3.. something so that is very critical condition of course After 4 blood bottles or factor transfusions I am on stable condition, my life suddenly take a turn even I am not ready for it even at that time I m dreaming about join air force or doing MBBS, but I realized that these things are not possible for me due to this condition doctor strictly told me to take rest and I continuously think that is this again happened in coming months. Very painful or hurting part of my life all those days, crying in dark rooms and nothing do with it. But with passage of time I think that I can’t change the reality whatever I can do so I started accepting it, take it in positive way meeting with other who having same problems but they were happy, so l learn who to live happily, busy my mind in other activities more concentrate in studies, started thinking about the more better way of treatment do research on every possible way, so you just say I just move on, some things continuously hurting you like being a girl it is not easy to discuss openly that your menstrual bleeding is not stop… but I try to avoid it what other people say some people help you some try to bow down you, so its depend upon you which path you choose crying on a dark room or live in a healthy sunshine.

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