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Am Francis mbahati from Kenya hemophiliac. I lack factor 8 in my blood. I have been suffering experiencing all simptoms of this illness. This has made me so much unworthy in my life since am not able to compete with my fellow friends in games and also in manual work which requires full body power. In school I suffered a lot of humiliations since I was always ailing most of the time one could see leaping, swollen joints. This made me to be absent so many times during my schooling.I sat for K. C. S. E on 2014 where got mean grade of C-. Finally in2019 I was diagnosed and found that I suffering from hemophilia where I lack factor 8. So in case of any injury I have been going to my nearest hospital to be administered for factor 8.My humble request to who have knowledge about the pain that patients with hemophiliac and other blood disorders undergo is that all of my life time I have been visiting different healthcare centers. This made to have a passion of me becaming a healthy worker.till I have not been able to get the required amount of money to be admitted to Kenya medical and training college. So my humble request is that anyone who is interested, willing and able to assist am willing to accept their contribution since you will be transforming my life. Thank you

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