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Fadwa Dawood


my twin sons suffer from Haemophilia which is something that changed all our life
I live in Syria, Aleppo. The war is affecting us in a very bad way – no medicine, no money, no hospitals available and so many other things- my sons are 14 years old. 9 years of them passed with the same grieve that all other patients have but the other 5 years were really disastrous. I lost my husband and our house in the war two years ago and from that time I started working and running from workplace to another just to collect that amount of money which I can pay to get the medicine which can hardly be available here in Aleppo.
My kids are the only thing that I still have in my life. I was and I am still striving just to help them get well. I have tried a lot to leave Syria to another European country where I can help my children get a better life but it is impossible to do so in the current situation because they can never take that long and terrible journey which so many others have taken before.

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