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Elvin John D. Balio and Karl Dave D. Balio


While the world is in a standstill due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and even though we’re merely at home with limited physical activity, my brother and I, who both have hemophilia, are still suffering from occasional bleeding episodes, such us in our ankles and knees.

Thankfully, while movement in our city has been greatly restricted with the extended community quarantine having been imposed, the hospitals are still open, so we can still have the available medications administered. Medications which we receive as donation from the generous World Federation of Hemophilia.

On behalf of our fellow hemophiliacs in the Hemophilia Association of Davao, we express our gratitude to the World Federation of Hemophilia. We thank you for your provisions that allow us people with hemophilia to continue living normally despite our condition. God bless you!

Elvin John D. Balio and Karl Dave D. Balio

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