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Ayoti Khasiani


It’s World Haemophilia Day!! I am so grateful to be of service to people living with bleeding disorders in Kenya and globally. I have met amazing people, so hardworking, so focused even when they are in so much pain as they experience a bleed (which doesn’t sound an alarm when it’s about to happen). I have met strong women who’ve held their sons with life threatening bleeds as they frantically searched for a hospital that can treat their condition before reaching the main haemophilia treatment centre and they will still share their story with a smile. These women inspire me every day. I have met young men with haemophilia who have refused to be bogged down by the fact that they have haemophilia. I have met volunteers who give their all to ensure people living with bleeding disorders can access quick diagnosis and treatment at an affordable cost. This day is dedicated to all people with bleeding disorders to advocate for better treatment. Thanks to WFH for allowing us to have this global celebration, advocating for treatment for all by provision of factor concentrates, capacity building, research support etc.

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