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Angel Parrett


I am a woman with a rare bleeding disorder (severe factor 1 deficiency). Blessed to be diagnosed at birth, but faced with limited treatment options for most of my life. Until 2014, all I had was cryoprecipitate. In 1998, as a result of the contaminated blood crisis that affected individuals with hemophilia world wide, I was diagnosed with hepatitis C. In spite of those obstacles, I have had relatively few issues. In 1998, I also started prophylaxis, which has served me well through the life stages of college and building a career. Over the last few years, things have improved greatly. Started factor concentrate (fibrinogen concentrate became available in 2009, but I could not get it right away). Started home infusion in September of last year. On January 24, 2017, I was declared cured of hepatitis C after having done treatment with a new drug last year. Standing with all those around the world in hopes of better treatment for all.

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