Occupied Palestinian Territory

I am Yazan from Palestine, diagnosed with Hemophilia type A shortly after my birth at the age of four months, during a circumcision procedure, where bleeding persisted for hours, prompting the doctor to conduct a clotting factors examination, revealing a deficiency in one of the blood clotting factors, diagnosing me with Hemophilia A. This was surprising to my family and doctors alike, as there was no prior history of the condition in my family.

Since then, I have been living with Hemophilia, recalling my school days when I used to play football frequently, often leading to frequent bleeding in joints and muscles. I would experience muscle and joint bleeds at least once a week during that time. Treatment was frequently interrupted, sometimes requiring blood and plasma transfusions by doctors.

This suffering continued until I turned 18, when I realized that prevention is the best solution for living with Hemophilia. I stopped engaging in sports activities that could lead to bleeding and became fully convinced that Hemophilia is a manageable condition if we live our lives properly, away from strenuous activities that stress muscles and joints.

Certainly, there are times when injuries occur that can be managed, but since then, I have continued with preventive treatment, receiving it approximately twice a month. I have also learned to administer the treatment and injections myself at home, according to hospital policies regarding medication administration.

Despite this, we in Palestine are very concerned about the discontinuation of clotting factors and their unavailability in the correct and required form.

I now lead a normal life in all aspects, psychologically, socially, and physically, without any problems. I look forward to meeting fellow Hemophilia patients, so I will leave my email address and would be happy to connect.

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