Sarah Richardson

Sarah Richardson

United States of America

I am a mom of four beautiful children, with one having moderate Hemophilia A (however, he bleeds as a severe). He is my second youngest and most defiantly the most wild out of my bunch. From 7.5 years ago, when we found out Elias has hemophilia shortly after birth, life has has it challenges but most importantly its brought us into an amazing community that I cannot be grateful to be apart of.

When Elias was first born, we knew pretty soon after birth, that something was not right. He bled, and bled, and bled for days. We later were finally transferred to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital where we found that he had Hemophilia A. What a day that really was. From being exhausted from having a new baby, to finding out that he has a serious condition, it really took a toll on me, as his mom. From that day though, I knew that I had to become Elias’ expert of his body and his condition because I was not only a mom now, but his advocate as well.

Early on, things were okay and we treated as needed. He started walking, and we had to have a few infusions from him falling and bruising that just would not stop growing. He started talking, and we had multiple infusions from mouth bleeds from him biting his tongue. When he was 2, we spent Christmas Eve in the hospital from an ankle bleed that we assume he got from walking on gravel (but who really knows). A few months later he got another joint bleed but this time in his elbow that we concluded had to of been spontaneous. At this point, I knew I had to stand up for him and decided that we needed to start on prophy because I could not deal with my son being in so many pain and treating afterward. After much fighting with insurance, he was finally approved to start emicizumab.

Emicizumab has absolutely been life changing for us. While I had never limited Elias from doing fun boy things, like riding his bike, jumping on a trampoline, doing backflips off the couch, riding a dirt bike, you know all the “fun” things that kids like to do, emicizumab sorta gave a peace of mind as well. Literally 3 months after his elbow bleed, he ended up breaking his other arm while in a bouncy house, ONLY MY CHILD RIGHT? LOL. We infused as a precaution but I really believe that because he has emicizumab, his injury was not worse.

Elias is now 7.5 and is NOT a poster child of Hemophilia. I let him do all the fun things that he wants to do (for the most part anyways). I fully believe that if I do not let him learn his own limitations now and let him “live in a bubble” then things will only get worst as he gets older. He plays baseball and is aggressive in his position and I think its great! He does not let Hemophilia define his life and I don’t either. Our life may be a little different from others, we may have to do things a little differently, but as a mom of hemo hero, my mind now thinks differently too.

We have started bringing awareness to our local community as well as bringing it all the way to Washington D.C. Nobody knows if they simple just don’t know. It is our job to bring attention to the matter and bring the awareness because I too, was one of those who had no idea that the word “hemophilia” meant. I love this journey that we as a family are now embarking. Elias is learning to advocate for himself, his siblings are also aware and are able to bring awareness to who around them too. Hemophilia not only affects the one who has it, but the entire family as a whole. We must support, advocate, and deal with it together to come out stronger and better than ever. Hemophilia will never stop Elias, it just may try to slow him down, but we are there to support and push him, because it will never win; we will not let it!

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