Bommaiah SBK

Bommaiah SBK


Hello  Everyone & WHF  Team …

President Mr. Mr. Cesar Alejandro Grarido D – Sir ..

I am Bommaiah.S  PWH (or – Hemoman). I was born on October 20, 1989, in Dindigul district, Tamil Nadu state, India. I am diagnosed with hemophilia B factor IX 9 deficiency (less than 1 ℅), a lower social and economic group, and very middle-class people in my life. My father and mother are uneducated people, I am the 1st Graduated of my Family , My parents are working in a handloom weaver job, and My family is the smallest: my father, mother, younger brother, and my hemophilia disorder(5th) , a total of 5 members, and a very happy family.

I have a lot of problems in my life, and each problem has a significant impact on my money. During my childhood, I was admitted to (India) Madurai Rajivu Gandhi Government Hospital in 1990.  At the Time Hemophilia  Treatment only GH Side plasma (FFP) and a few times fresh blood. I experienced a more painful life in Govt Hospitals . Doctors and healthcare workers were less aware of Hemophilia disorders in the 1990s, making treatment more painful. ,The GH hospital atmosphere is not clean. A place without cleanliness and hygiene essay

In my childhood Days’s doctors told me you are a very special human boy; you are the only hemophilia patient boy in this hospital ward . My mind was fixed. I am a different human. I have watched more cartoons in my childhood. I am imaging Superman and Spider-Man. The characters listed above added to me. it’s Called Hemoman .. !

Hemo Man is just a funny comedy in this current time, but Hemo Man was very strong and had more willpower to face any problem step by step in life. Up until now, the Heoman was not a single person; each and every Hemophilic person is Hemoman’s.

I have completed my in Banking and am still working in the Pvt. Concers Accounts Department. Lowest Salary Basic: This is dependent on the ESI (Central Government Insurance Scheme in India). Medical Benefit: ESI Hemophilia Factor IX Medicines Proflex Treatment Purpose is working. For the past 8 years in Using Factor IX (9) , the past 2 years in Indian Countries Side Factors are very demanded, and Indian Govt new acts are posted made in Indian Protect only approved in Govt ESI Hospital and GH Side (Forgine Medicine is not allowed in GH & ESI Hospital side). Indian New Medicine is, quality-wise, the very worst medicine provided to me. My health disability has decreased, and I am fighting more on the ESI government side; finally, I failed.

India has the world’s largest human population, so hemophilia patients no longer receive special benefits from both the state and central governments. No education benefits, particularly scholarships & medical insurance companies, are available for hemophilia disorder because, cost-wise, no insurance company supports hemophilia patients.

Indian government-sector jobs have no special quota. Private jobs are not accepted more because we are unfit, healthy, have no jobs, and have no proper income in this life, so more financial problems are faced, including this problem to this date. The main and most important aspect of our lives is the life-saving factor. Supply medicine, demant; kindly save our people

My Major Request: The Hemophilia Affected My blood brother is facing this kind of major problem. Any NGO, kindly  Educational  support & good job opportunities for our blood brother and help me..

My Coimbatore & Madurai Hemophilia Chapters and HFI Team  (Hemophilia Federation India) are both more supportive of the situation I am living in now and more helpful to me.

My ambition was to serve Hemophilia people and save their lives. If there are any service opportunities, please inform me. I am willing to serve out my brother’s blood.

Thanks so much, everyone!

Thanks & Regards,

S. Bommaiah
Mail Id :
country : India _ Tamilnadu State

My Twitter ID : @Hemoman_SBK

Note :

This is my 1st  Stories form. I am full fledged not English knowledge person I am only Google Translated help to sentence making this letter if any wrong In writing, sorry for the inconvenience.

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